We Create Amazing
Customer Stories.

Businesses that focus on customer service create great customer stories. Every business should pay attention to the stories that they create. Stories can be created any day and with any customer. Stories are created when customers are listened to and loved deeply.

We provide unexpected service.

Businesses that love their customers create new ways to improve their service to their customers. Author Tommy Newberry has written, “Constantly ask yourself how you can increase your service and contribution. Ask, “How can I triple my value to my boss, to my clients, to the marketplace, to my family?” No one can do the minimum and reach the maximum.” When a company creates more value for their customers, their customers create more value for the company

So…Who is the “we.”

The Cole family and all of their great employees. The Cole’s have a huge heart to help children and youth. We use our businesses to create the funds to give to great people around the world. Currently, we own a marketing/printing company called ColePromo and a popcorn and chocolate store called Cole’s Gourmet Treats.

The other part of “we” is YOU! We care a lot about our clients. We work hard to put life into your brand and ideas. Weather it is your logo on a candy bar, t-shirt or banner we enjoy serving you.

More About Us

ColePromo is a business marketing company that uses screen printing, embroidery and promotional product. Our goal is to provide the best customer experience and collaborate with you to create a marketing plan that will grow your business.

As a business, you are constantly competing with other business to stand out from the crowd. We ourselves are a family owned business that began in 2007 in the basement of our home. Within two years, we had grown so much that we moved to the location we are currently residing in. Because of our own growth and success, we know the challenges and what it takes to help your business get to the next level.

We have friendly, helpful employees that make our business a joy to run—and we truly enjoy serving our wonderful clients. We enjoy getting to brainstorm ideas with you and helping you create the right promotion for your events and activities.  Our showroom has hundreds of clothing, products, and colors that will help you visualize and experience exactly what the end product will be.

Candy is nostalgic to anyone, young and old.  Who doesn’t remember their favorite candy store or treats as a child?  And that’s what we hope to bring to anyone walking into our store—that sense of delight, of fun, of cherished memories new and old. Because cherished memories make a warm community of family,friends, and loved ones.

Just like you, we’re part of our neighborhood, our city, and our beautiful state.  We want to be part of the story of building strong relationships, happy, and fun memories right here at our Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats.

Our popcorn is freshly made with state-of-the-art mixers that fill it with flavor. Our treats use the highest quality of ingredients. We offer gift baskets to make your friends and clients happy, along with custom made promotional materials than can cater to any sort of party or event. We’ve stocked the shelves with many of the nostalgic candies available, and we have hundreds of other scrumptious goodies like ice cream, cotton candy, fudge, and old-fashioned sodas.

Cole’s Gourmet Popcorn & Treats works with schools to thank teachers and with churches special events for children, youth and families.

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein

Some Great Companies We Work For: